Ibrahim Chatta stirs reactions as he reveals the odd thing he does at old age (Video)

Nollywood actor and filmmaker Ibrahim Chatta has stirred reactions from his fans and followers as he revealed one of the things he does at old age.

The movie star, via his Instagram page, shared a video of him drinking a mixed bowl of Ice cream, which he stated was good for his health. According to him, since the inception of the popular Cold Stone,he has been mixing his ice cream and drinking it like pap.

“This is a whole bowl of ice cream and this is good for my health. This is how i have been drinking it since Cold Stone was made and I always mix mine. I drink it like pap”.

The video left many of his fans talking.

Actress Moyo Lawal wrote, “Haaaa

One Madam Kennied wrote, “Remember diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol and heart problems

One Jesus Save2018 wrote, “Are u sure it’s healthy?

One Oluwa Jueda wrote, “One life to live, enjoy it

One Pheyi Sha Yor wrote, “We that are Lactose intolerant cannot relate

One I Am Know wrote, “If you like copy am, remember he is a NUPE man ajd the Egbon is aging backward gracefully

One Showboi237 wrote, “That’s why life is like a dorr, you pass through the window and eat bread but onions can never become chair when if antelope drives radio

One Official DC Teezy wrote, “Baba give us the Jedi Jedi update”.

Ibrahim Chatta old age

A few days back, Ibrahim Chatta had poked fun at Toyin Abraham over her weight and tummy as she visited his film village. He teased the actress not to eat too much because of her stomach and in defence, Toyin noted how she had lost weight as she revealed she only eats chew gums.

Last year, Ibrahim shown off his energetic self in a video on social media. The actor shared a video of his cheerful self dancing heartily while posing for the snaps. He noted how he is getting older but still younger at heart, stating he is agile but energetic.

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