” I’ll never stop speaking up when necessary” – Iyabo Ojo vows as she declares a ceasefire on her fight with Very Dark Man

Actress Iyabo Ojo is turning a new leaf regarding her fight with Very Dark Man. The stunning actress took to Instagram to declare a ceasefire regarding the back and forth that is going on between her and the controversial social media activist.

In her post, Iyabo Ojo wrote;

”Queen Mother: Unstoppable, Unshakable, Undefeatable! I’Il continue to lend my voice when necessary….

No amount of lies, deceit, manipulation, gaslighting, or trolling even with a trillion trolls – can silence me.

To Obim, my wonderful children, families, friends, loved ones, colleagues, fans, well-
wishers, and my management team, I’ve heard your advice and messages, which have boosted my confidence and resilience.

I’m committed to speaking truth despite adversity. Thank you for your love and support, both private and public.

I’ll take your advice and ignore the negativity, but l’Il never stop speaking up when necessary. For now, it’s all about peace and love.”

Iyabo Ojo stated in her post that she had been advised by her loved ones not to engage in any more online squabbles with Very Dark Man.

She also affirmed that she would continue to lend her voice when necessary, meaning that she would continue her social activism despite the backlash she’s faced from getting involved in Mohbad’s case.

Iyabo Ojo’s fight with Very Dark Man was quite messy, with the two power houses exchanging unpleasant words.

At some point, Iyabo Ojo insulted Very Dark Man’s mother, calling her out for not raising her son right.

Prior to that, Very Dark Man had made a post, inferring that Iyabo Ojo and her daughter Priscilla have slept with the same man for money.

The origin of this whole drama started when Very Dark Man shaded Iyabo Ojo, claiming that she didn’t get an invite to Davido’s main wedding, inferring that she was only invited to the after party, just like every other influencer.

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