IShowSpeed Mobbed by Fans in Norway: Viral Video Captures Fan Jumping on Him

YouTube creator Darren “IShowSpeed” experienced a chaotic and unsettling incident in Norway that has quickly gone viral, with various videos showcasing the disturbing event from multiple angles. One particularly notable video emerged from the perspective of a fan who climbed on top of IShowSpeed’s car and later jumped on him.

In the video, the fan captures a top-down view of IShowSpeed approaching his vehicle after leaving a shop. The individual then turns the camera towards themselves, takes a leap, and lands directly on top of the creator, screaming throughout the act. This event was just one part of a series of chaotic moments that unfolded during IShowSpeed’s visit to Norway.

The ordeal began when IShowSpeed visited a souvenir shop in Oslo, where fans had crowded both the front and back entrances, preventing the streamer from safely reaching his vehicle. As his bodyguards attempted to escort him through the mob, fans grabbed and pulled his hair and clothing, causing IShowSpeed to scream in pain. Amidst the chaos, a rumor surfaced on X (formerly Twitter) that his hair was being auctioned on eBay, which was later debunked as the auction photo was unrelated.

Once inside his car, IShowSpeed discovered that the fan who had jumped on him earlier had also entered the vehicle. In the video, the streamer can be heard yelling at the fan to leave, exclaiming, “How the fk did you jump in the car, bro? You recording, bro! It’s not fking funny!”

The entire episode left IShowSpeed vowing never to return to Norway. “Bro, I’m never coming to this country again,” he declared. “I promise, on God, I’m never coming to this f*cking country.” The incident occurred during IShowSpeed’s European tour for the 2024 Euro Football Championship, which has been marked by various chaotic moments.

The situation in Norway escalated when IShowSpeed was broadcasting from inside the souvenir shop, interacting with a large crowd of fans outside. After getting them to chant Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous catchphrase, “Siu,” he injured himself by jumping up and down, hitting a small ledge by the window. “I think I just broke my ankle,” he repeated, holding his foot in pain.

Despite his injury, IShowSpeed was carried out of the store by a security guard, leaving his shoe behind. The mob of fans outside immediately surrounded him, chanting his name and causing him to panic. Videos from the incident show fans standing on top of the car, with one jumping nearly on top of IShowSpeed’s head.

Audio from the stream captured the streamer berating the fan who had jumped into his car. “It’s not fcking funny, bro!” he shouted. “You’re not even fcking listening.” Reflecting on the ordeal, IShowSpeed described it as the “worst day” of his life. “My ankle’s broken, they pulled my hair out,” he recounted. “They threw water at me. Somebody literally did a WWE Rey Mysterio move and jumped off the car. This was the scariest day of my life. I promise you. I couldn’t even breathe.”

This harrowing experience in Norway is not the first time IShowSpeed has encountered trouble with large crowds during his European tour. In Amsterdam, he had to flee from a crowd of fans in a stranger’s boat before being escorted away by police. Such incidents are not unique to IShowSpeed; other internet personalities like Twitch star Kai Cenat have also faced similar situations, highlighting the challenges and dangers that come with massive fan followings.

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