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John Tucker Must Die 2 Gets Disappointing Update From Original Stars


  • Brittany Snow and Penn Badgley, stars of the 2006 film
    John Tucker Must Die
    , have not been contacted for
    John Tucker Must Die 2
  • The romantic comedy sequel was first announced in March of this year.
  • The plot of
    John Tucker Must Die 2
    is unknown, but it is said to involve the full original cast.

John Tucker Must Die 2 is given a disappointing update from Brittany Snow and Penn Badgley. Snow and Badgley played Kate and Scott, respectively, in the 2006 romantic comedy. They were joined by a cast that included Jesse Metcalfe, Ashanti, Arielle Kebbel, Sophia Bush, and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg. Over a decade and a half after the release of John Tucker Must Die, the development of John Tucker Must Die 2 was announced earlier this year.

In a conversation on Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed, Snow and Badgley provide an update on the status of John Tucker Must Die 2. Snow began the conversation by mentioning that she had “gotten no call” about an offer to return to star in John Tucker Must Die 2. Badgley echoed a similar sentiment, and added that the sequel is “maybe possible like the superposition quantum physics,” but did not seem to have any news on the sequel’s progress. Check out the quotes from Snow and Badgley below:

Snow: Penn, I don’t know if you’ve had a call, but I’ve gotten no call

Badgley: Yeah, I’ve had no call, no. I mean, it’s maybe possible like the superposition quantum physics, like everything is potentially within the realm of, like, maybe this apple will fall up, I can’t actually say with certainty.

What We Know About John Tucker Must Die 2 So Far

Snow and Badgley’s John Tucker Must Die 2 non-update is certainly disappointing for the status of the sequel. Though it’s possible that the film is indeed in development but has not figured out the full casting yet, nothing that either actor said seemed promising. Badgley’s statement was particularly disheartening, as through his physics analogy and saying that he “can’t actually say with certainty” whether the cards will align for the sequel, it seems that the status of the sequel itself may hang in the balance.

This update seems to be in direct contrast to the film’s original status update earlier this year. In late March, John Tucker Must Die‘s Kebbel said that she “started producing a few years ago” and that “there is a script” for John Tucker Must Die 2. She also said that it “does involve all of the OG cast.” If this latter part is true, the update from Snow and Badgley is particularly confusing. If the film is supposed to involve all members of the original cast, and two of the stars have yet to be contacted, the status of the film seems additionally insecure.


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Very little is known thus far about the plot of John Tucker Must Die 2. If the original cast returns, the film will have to feature some kind of 20-year high school reunion or other major hometown event that will bring the leads back to the same place once more. Based on the most recent cast statements, however, it seems like the timing of the sequel is still fairly far out if all the leads are indeed coming back for John Tucker Must Die 2.

Source: Podcrushed Podcast

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