Lacy Claps Back at Mizkif’s Dismissive Remarks About FaZe Clan Member

In a fiery exchange that has sent ripples through the Twitch community, Nick “Lacy,” one of FaZe Clan’s newest members and a rapidly rising streamer, responded sharply to a dismissive comment made by fellow Twitch streamer and OTK co-owner Matthew “Mizkif.” This confrontation began when viewers on Mizkif’s stream suggested a collaboration with Lacy, prompting Mizkif to retort:

“‘Stream with Lacy and invite him’ (Reading the chat) No one cares about Lacy. Nobody cares. Sorry, but it’s the truth bro. No one gives a f**k about Lacy, man.”

Lacy, who boasts a substantial following of 651K on Twitch, did not take this comment lightly. He reacted to the clip during his live stream, initially pretending to be a long-time fan of Mizkif before quickly changing his tone to deliver a scathing rebuke:

“Someone you looked up to, and watched and you used to watch hours and hours on end, days on end. You used to support and really just support. I’m a four-year sub (subscriber). I watch you every day. I watched every single one of your stream… I’m just fking kidding. Mizkif, I have never watched one of your dog sht streams. No one wants to watch you, you f


king Lego. Don’t disrespect the goat. I got nominated for Streamer of the Year for a reason. I run this sht.”

Nick “Lacy” has swiftly ascended to become one of Twitch’s prominent streamers. He initially gained recognition through his Fortnite content but has since expanded his repertoire, often streaming under the “Just Chatting” category. This versatility has helped him build a diverse and engaged audience.

Lacy’s collaborations with other popular streamers have also boosted his profile. He has streamed with FaZe Clan members, including Rani “Stable Ronaldo,” and even joined the organization as a content creator in May 2024. Another notable collaboration was with YouTube star Darren “IShowSpeed,” who joined Lacy for an online 20v1 Edate stream, which drew significant attention.

Feuds are not new to Lacy, and his willingness to speak his mind has led to some notable conflicts. One such instance was his involvement in a dispute between Nicholas “Jynxzi” and fellow streamer Clix. Lacy sided with Clix, publicly calling out Jynxzi and asserting that he needed to be “humbled.” This confrontation resulted in one of Lacy’s most viewed streams of the year, peaking at 33K viewers.

Despite the occasional controversy, Lacy’s influence continues to grow. His nomination for Streamer of the Year is a testament to his impact and popularity within the streaming community.

Mizkif’s offhand comment and Lacy’s explosive response highlight the competitive and sometimes volatile nature of the streaming world. While such clashes can fuel drama and draw viewers, they also underscore the pressures and rivalries among top content creators. As Lacy continues to rise, it will be interesting to see how he navigates these challenges and what further success he achieves in his streaming career.

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