Lagos Taskforce impounds 84 vehicles in crackdown on illegal parks

The Lagos State Taskforce has impounded 84 commercial vehicles used for public transportation during enforcement exercises targeting illegal parks and garages.

These vehicles were seized on Saturday at Adeniji-Adele and adjoining routes in Lagos Island, as well as Awolowo Way and Ipodo Street in Ikeja, in an operation led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Adetayo Akerele, as reported on the Lagos State official website.

Akerele highlighted the longstanding issue of illegal bus parks by commercial motor operators, which has caused prolonged traffic obstructions and negatively affected motorists and commerce. He stressed the urgent need to resolve this problem to ensure that Lagosians can properly utilize public amenities.

Motorists do not have to spend long travel time on this route due to the actions of a few. Occupying one or two lanes to create illegal bus parks is completely unacceptable and we are here to let these operators know that. If they want to pick up or drop off passengers, go to the designated bus parks,” he said.

The statement added: “He revealed that 84 vehicles were confiscated during both operations, assuring residents and commuters around that area that the days of commercial bus drivers dropping off and picking up passengers at unapproved locations would soon end. “

The statement also noted that kiosk and makeshift store operators on the kerbs and walkways at Adeniji-Adele were not spared, as officials cleared these structures meant for pedestrians. Traders selling on Ipodo Street were warned to move their goods off the road or risk confiscation by the Agency.

What you should know

Illegal parks by commercial motor operators and private vehicles have long caused gridlock across Lagos State.

To address this, the Lagos State Government, through agencies like the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) and the Lagos State Taskforce, has intensified enforcement exercises to eliminate these illegal parks and garages.

In June, Nairametrics reported that LASTMA impounded 40 vehicles, including 25 commercial and 15 private ones, for operating illegal garages and causing road obstructions in Oyingbo, Ijora, and Idumota areas.

These enforcement efforts are set to continue in the coming weeks and months to ensure the issue is permanently resolved.

Also,the recently unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy aims to address illegal parking through the Lagos State Parking Authority (LSPA). The LSPA will regulate street and on-street parking to ensure free-flowing traffic on primary and secondary roads and in central business districts.

This includes implementing and enforcing policies to prevent obstructive parking practices, promoting smoother vehicle movement across the state.

The LSPA manages all forms of parking, registers parking spaces, implements state policies, issues permits, charges fees, and enforces parking rules. It collaborates with public and private sector agencies and parking providers to enhance effectiveness.

Additionally, the Lagos State Government plans a functional review of the LSPA within the next two years to recommend improvements and boost its capacity.

The policy also outlines collaboration between the Lagos State Government and the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development to create and clarify regulations aimed at preventing the misuse of local roads for parking.


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