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Leia Swaps Places With Luke In This Brilliant Star Wars Art


  • Beautiful new Star Wars art imagines Leia training with Yoda instead of Luke in an alternate reality.
  • Leia’s fierce and diplomatic nature echoes her parents, Padmé and Anakin.
  • This art inverts Leia’s role, a fascinating glimpse into an alternate timeline.

Luke might have been Star Wars’ first Jedi to train on screen, but this artwork imagines what it could have looked like if Leia had trained with Yoda instead. Though Leia never actually meets Yoda, she knows him as the wise Jedi Master who trained her brother in The Empire Strikes Back, giving him the skills that ultimately allowed him to face off against their villainous father and the evil Emperor Palpatine. Leia goes on to train briefly with Luke in the ways of the Jedi after the events of the original trilogy, but she never becomes a Jedi Master.

Artist @libpaint posted an alternate reality to Instagram, sharing several drawings of Leia in various scenes from the original trilogy that traditionally belonged to Luke.

As she’s shown training with Yoda on her back, Leia’s face is focused. Taking Luke’s place in Return of the Jedi on the right side of the picture, Leia wears his black suit with hair that’s been cut short. The caption aptly reads, “I’ve been obsessed with the luke leia swap idea.” The second slide shows a simple drawing of her standing next to R2-D2 in her training clothes above the words “Empire Strikes Back.”


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Leia’s Story Echoes Both Her Parents

Padmé Amidala to the left and Leia Organa in A New Hope holding up her hood to the right

Just like her mother, Padmé, Leia’s talent for diplomacy drives her to often be the voice of reason, but she has a fierceness to her that she no doubt inherited from her father. Like Anakin, Leia can be antagonistic and reckless, always backing up her daring moves with the skills needed to pull them off. Her career as a politician might have been a page right out of Padmé’s book, but she would have made an incredible Jedi Knight alongside her father in a different life.

She might set her lightsaber down for good after fearing for her son’s alignment with the dark side, but that doesn’t remove Leia from the action by any means. When the Star Wars story picks back up in the sequel trilogy, Leia is no longer the Princess of Alderaan, but the General of the Resistance. Though she remains diplomatic like her mother, Leia is focused on winning the battles ahead of her. As General Organa, Leia commands her forces with a talent for battle strategy that would have made Anakin proud.

Source: @lipbaint

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