“Let’s have phone s3x” – Davido tells Sophia Momodu in leaked WhatsApp chat amid custody battle of their daughter

The ongoing custody battle between music star Davido and his first babymama, Sophia Momodu, over their 8-year-old daughter has led to an unravelling of many secrets.

As the parents continue to battle over access to their daughter in court, a leaked 2020 WhatsApp conversation between Davido and Sophia has surfaced online. The conversation shared as part of Sophia’s evidence in their ongoing child custody battle saw the estranged couple engaging in flirty talks.

In the chat, Sophia stated that she had found a cute, quiet Italian restaurant for her and Davido to chill and enjoy, and the singer had urged her to call him and had told her to head home because she was drunk. He had also asked her that they engage in phone s3x, which she had consented to.

See the chat below,

Davido demands for phone sex from Sophia Momodu

We wonder what Sophia is trying to prove with the chats, but see some comments below,

One Commander, Tom, wrote, “This is more embarrassing for Sophia than Davido. I think she just needs to heal. There’s no point in Nigerians insulting her; she sounds like a wounded woman

One Priscilla Oyin wrote, “Calling someone you’re older than with 6 years Zaddy is Steeze

One Faith Abiola wrote, “All this doesn’t matter; let her love on

One Theophyll2 wrote, “What exactly is she trying to prove with this? She’s self-destructing

One Mixhelle Writes wrote, “He is married. Just focus on your child’s well-being

One Ceelearh wrote, “I can’t understand how what she shared is bad

One Weight Loss Abuja wrote, “I am still looking for loopholes. You accepted, na, is not as if you said no, and he insisted.

One MZ Bimbs wrote, “But this shows consent from her end. What is the proof for?”.

Kemi Filani reported that a few days before Davido’s traditional wedding to Chioma, Davido had filed a suit, seeking joint custody of his daughter, as he claimed Sophia was denying him access to her and extorting money from him. He narrated that though he had a relationship with Momodu, the relationship had ended some years ago while they resolved to take care of their child; unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. He claimed Sophia rejected his house offer and demanded he pay a N5 million monthly rent for her house, among others.

Responding to it, Sophia said she had an affair with Davido from 2020-2022 while he was dating Chioma. She debunked his claims of denying him access to his daughter, as she revealed that Davido had never made any attempt to meet with Imade and had abandoned her because she refused to have sex with him.

In new reports from their ongoing custody battle, Sophia had filed a 102-paragraph affidavit to oppose the singer seeking joint custody of their daughter. She cited reasons such as the death of his son, Ifeanyi, his controversial lifestyle and his love for using their daughter to get back at her as reasons for opposing him.

Recall that things turned sour between Davido and Sophia after the singer publicly declared love for his now wife, Chioma Rowland, and reunited with her. This left Sophia infuriated, and she shared a post about a cat not taking rubbish from a dog. She later went on an extensive rant, accusing him of financially abusing her.

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