Netizens react to resurfaced clip of Sophia Momodu revealing her worst fear of raising Imade alone, hours after opposing Davido’s joint custody

Social media users are reacting to a resurfaced video of Sophia Momodu revealing her worst fear about her daughter, Imade, who she shares with singer Davido.

In an Instagram live session with her fans in 2022, Sophia disclosed that her worst fear has happened to her, which is raising her daughter alone. She stressed that she never wanted to be a single parent, but her fears had gripped her, and now, it has become her reality.

The resurfaced clip is coming after Sophia had filed a 102-paragraph affidavit to oppose the singer seeking joint custody of their daughter. She cited reasons such as the death of his son, Ifeanyi, his controversial lifestyle and his love for using their daughter to get back at her as reasons for opposing him.

The video has left many divided as some sympathised with her, others slammed her.

One Kashdola wrote, “I literally remembered this clip. So why doesn’t she want to share custody now?

One Miss Chidel wrote, “Sophia is a strong person, to be honest. You will definitely be fine. Fight for your right cause; she is a good mother who wants the best for her child regardless of who is involved.

One Alkan Sul wrote, “That’s why you were desperate for marriage with a man who didn’t want you?? Werey

One Ndukwu Nwanyinma wrote, “Truth hurts to those wey no like truth. Sophia knows Davido more than everybody wey dey comment here make una no dey judge matter. Una never feel the pain

One Socio Comics wrote, “I blame Davido for constantly giving this one attention by responding to her. Pay her no dust, Papa

One Emeka_ wrote, “Bad belle dey sha do her. Chioma won last last

One Fav Luxury Wears wrote, “But na u open legs without rubber rest. You’re not d only babymama in the world

One Blixxy wrote, “How did Davido get entangled with this woman? This boy get mind sha. You can see how hard her heart is

One Nkluv00 wrote, “She thought Davido would marry her

One Bara T0ne wrote, “You’re not a victim; it was your choice to get pregnant. It was also your choice to keep the baby. Your body, your choice

One Mide Cup of Tee wrote, “Imade is in a better place! Sophia is training a beautiful daughter into a lady”.

Recall that during her fallout with Davido, Sophia revealed her plans to drop the Adeleke name from her daughter and change it to her last name. She declared that she is both a father and mother to Imade.

Recall that things turned sour between Davido and Sophia after the singer publicly declared love for his now wife, Chioma Rowland, and reunited with her. This left Sophia infuriated, and she shared a post about a cat not taking rubbish from a dog. She later went on an extensive rant, accusing him of financially abusing her.

She reignited their co-parenting drama in December last year after she shared a screenshot of an emotional chat between her daughter and her grandmother, where she expressed heartbreak over her brother, Ifeanyi’s death, and her father’s neglect, which had caused her profound sadness.

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