NGO warns Sokoto assembly against amending Sultanate laws

A non-governmental organization in Sokoto, Sokoto Heritage Reloaded Initiatives has strongly has cautioned Sokoto State House of Assembly against any attempt to amend or alter the local government law of 2018 particularly section Xll sub section 75/ 79/as it affected sultanate councils powers and functions

This was contained in a memorandum addressed to the chairman, House Committee on Local Government and chieftaincy affairs by the executive director and Convener General of the Heritage Initiatives, Alhaji Harande Mahe.

Harande commended the assembly for opting to public hearing, according to him, it will give the people opportunity to support or oppose any issue that affect them

He however, noted that the step about to be taken by the state government as contained in the executive bill is counter productive, will not in any way promote traditional and cultural heritage of Sokoto state but rather will undermine the revered institution

He acknowledged that though the assembly has constitutional power to amend any law they deemed necessary but cautioned that the assembly should give more emphasis on the public opinion

The memorandum read thus, “The Hon Chairman and Honorable Members of this important Committee and the entire Sokoto State House of Assembly, we the members of this organization Sokoto Heritage Reloaded Initiative wish to acknowledge and commend the very important constitutional and leadership role in lawmaking process and development of Sokoto state

“We also thank you for providing this platform for Sakkwatawan Shehu and indeed all stakeholders to express their views on the provisions of this Bill.

“We hereby submit this memorandum to express our strong and categorical opposition to the proposed amendment of the Sultanate Council Law in Sokoto State,” the memorandum stated

Harande said the amendment will seek to undermine the Spiritual and Religious standing and functions of the Sokoto Caliphate

He said that the positive influence of Sokoto Sultanate Council is beyond Sokoto state and Nigeria, therefore, the leader of the Council His Eminence the Sultan is also he spiritual head of all Nigerian muslims.

Haranded stated that the Sultan and his Council are revered religious/Islamic institutions that must be protected from flimsy political attempt by the Executive arm of government to diminish the influence of this institution.

He cautioned against the undue Interference with traditional institutions which according to him, the amendment was meant for

Harande also cautioned against politicization of the Sultanate Council and its institutions

He noted that the proposed changes will allow for unwarranted political interference and arbitrariness in the affairs of the Sultanate Council, compromising its neutrality and integrity.

He said that the amendment will threatens the cultural and historical significance of the Sultanate Council, which is a vital part of Sokoto Caliphates rich historical and cultural values.

Harande noted that the proposed amendment was not subjected to adequate public scrutiny and consultation,

He also noted that disregarding the input of stakeholders and concerned citizens has clearly demonstrated the state government ulterior and hidden motives on the sultanate council

He said that the amendment will accord excessive powers to the executive arm of government, paving the way for potential abuse of power and manipulation of the Sultanate Council and its institutions.

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