“No be like this we dey handle differences” – Burnaboy cautions Dammykrane for alleging that Davido killed Tagbo

Dammykrane has been on his keyboard for a hot minute, calling out Davido for allegedly having a hand in his friend Tagbo’s death.

This allegation from Dammykrane didn’t sit well with Burnaboy, as the singer took to Twitter to publicly caution him.

In his tweet, Burnaboy wrote;

”Bro. WTF are you doing?? Take this down now !! Make me and u no get problem abeg.
No be like this we dey handle differences.

We both know how it feels to be locked up,
why TF would you wish that on anyone? I
gat love for u but I do NOT stand for none
of this police ass shit. Take all this shit
down please.”

Burnaboy cautions Dammykrane about calling out Davido.

Burnaboy’s standpoint was that Dammykrane could get arrested over the allegation that he made against Davido, and even though he supports him, he wouldn’t want to get involved in any police case.

Dammykrane has had his claws out for Davido for a while now, often calling him out when he’s trending.

Around Davido’s wedding, Dammykrane dragged him online, and still magically found his way to the singer’s wedding to the amazement of netizens.

On more than one occasion, Dammykrane has called out Davido over unpaid debt, and at some point, he even released a diss track for the singer.

The allegations Dammykrane made about Davido being involved in Tagbo’s death is new, and the timing is like caressing a ticking time bomb because he brought it up when Davido was knee deep in legal custody battles.

Beyond constantly fighting Davido, Dammykrane has faced woes of his own, especially following his arrest over credit card fraud.

The news of Dammykrane’s arrest for credit card fraud in 2017 hit social media like a tsunami, as he was one of the top artists of that time.

His career took a massive decline from that time onwards, as he retreated into the shadows for a while, and when he came out, his songs weren’t so successful.

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