Ohaneze decries ‘dwindling’ Igbo culture, tradition

The apex Igbo socio -cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Ebonyi state branch weekend decried the dwindling nature of Igbo culture and tradition.

This was as Ohaneze  lamented that the values and virtues such as respect to elders, language among others the Igbo man was known for is gradually diminishing.

President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in the state, Dr. Peter Mbam, disclosed this during a press conference in Abakaliki after touring schools in the 13 local government of Ebonyi  state.

Mbam regretted how Igbo man embraced foreign culture more than its tradition which according to him has affected the lives especially the young ones and vowed that it cannot sit down and watch things go wrong in the Igbo race.

He revealed that in some of schools visited by the organization, students and pupils all  failed Igbo subject in their exams.

He called on parents to begin to teach their children Igbo culture and tradition to bring back the lost glory of Ndigbo.

Mbam commended Governor Francis Nwifuru for setting out Wednesday as Igbo day and Igbo speaking day which said will go a long way to revive Igbo culture and tradition.

“We cannot sit down and watch things go wrong in Igbo land. We have missed our road in terms of Igbo culture and tradition.

“We the Igbo, we have left our tradition and we are doing a different thing. We no longer respect elders, we don’t value hardwork. There is nothing Ndigbo were known for in the 60s and early 70s that is still happening and more importantly and more critically, Igbo language.

“We went to schools where the children could not speak Igbo language, we went to schools where all the students failed Igbo language exams.

“So, it is very horrible what is happening in Igbo land. Our fear is that by the time our own time is over, our children will not know anything about Igbo; our culture, our tradition, our language, the way we dress, the way we do things  and others.

We are not answering Igbo names again.

“We the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Ebonyi State are happy to hear that Governor Francis Nwifuru recently approved every Wednesday as Igbo speaking day in our state. We are very glad on this and we thank our Governor for passing that resolution”, he stated.

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