“One of the biggest lies ever told is blood makes you family” – Olakunle Churchill preaches, reveals what makes a family

Nigerian businessman Olakunle Churchill has kicked against the narrative that blood makes a family.

Taking to his Instagram page, he stated that one of the biggest lies ever told is blood makes you family. According to him, blood only makes one related, but loyalty, love, and trust make one family.

He said that being related by blood doesn’t automatically make a family. Rather, true family is built on loyalty, love and trust, and these qualities create unbreakable bonds.

“One of the biggest lies ever told is BLOOD makes you FAMILY.
Nope! Blood makes you related.
Loyalty! Love!! Trust!!. Is what makes you FAMILY”.

Being related by blood doesn’t automatically make a family.

True family is built on loyalty, love, and trust.

It’s these qualities that create unbreakable bonds.

TrueFamily LoveAndLoyalty”.

In his comment section, many concurred with him as they noted how many family members use that word as a manipulative tactic.

Jigan Babaoja wrote, “Deeper life

One Reel good Winedet wrote, “You’re right, boss. Sometimes strangers become family

One Parish Africa wrote, “They held us down with lies and took advantage of us. Loyalty is thicker

One Ehi Keen wrote, “Big fats

One Dionn Lux Empire wrote, “Facts only

One Habees Olakay wrote, “So very true, my brother. No truer words

One Rolex Emams wrote, “I don’t know how much I can emphasise this”.

In December, Churchill penned an appreciation post to the public as he reflected on his career journey, which began in 2005 and has continued to soar beyond his wildest imaginations. He stated that he not only celebrates the success of his brand but the collective efforts of those who supported and contributed to the remarkable journey.

In a previous post, he had reflected on his series of scandals over the years, noting how many have been envious of him and have been planning ways of bringing him down. However, he stands unwavering because he is a child of God. The philanthropist pointed out how those who have tried pulling him down are always stagnant, or their life conditions have deteriorated.

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