Oshiomhole Discloses Location Of Those Trying To Sabotage Dangote Refinery

Former Governor of Edo State, Senator Adams Oshiomhole has claimed that  those trying to sabotage the Dangote Refinery are based in Abuja.

Recall that there have been reports in the media that the refinery has being experiencing  difficulties in securing crude oil in the country and has had to resort to importing from countries like the United States of America.

Speaking on the situation at the maiden edition of Prof Emeka Umerah’s public lecture, with the theme, ‘Nigeria Yesterday, Today and a Prosperous Future’ in Abuja, Oshiomhole lamented those who were complaining about the fuel hike are those importing low quality diesel into the country.

Oshiomhole emphasised that it shouldn’t come to anybody as a surprise that many of those holding the country to ransom are Nigerians, who are domiciled in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

According to him, “It is the product of his work that Dangote Refinery now located in Lagos can satisfy the Nigerian market. Yet, some Nigerians who joined us in lamenting (the fuel hike) are the ones importing low-quality diesel prohibited in Europe. They are bringing in diesel that will pollute our environment, destroy our engines, and use our scarce foreign exchange to pay for it. Meanwhile, Dangote Refinery in Lagos is in a position to produce diesel and even announced a reduction of the price.

“But these Nigerians who put themselves first before the country are not interested. They live here in Abuja, unknown to ballot and not scrutinized by the Nigerian electorates. Their names don’t appear in any newspaper. You (Nigerians) will abuse the president, yet he has no knowledge about what is going on because he has saddled people with the responsibility. And when you ask them, they will say ‘Look at the PIB Act.”

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