Resolve impasse on new minimum wage now – SSANU tells FG

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) has advised the Federal Government to quickly resolve the impasse surrounding the implementation of a new minimum wage for workers in the country.

The Chairman of the association,  Federal University, Lokoja (FUL), Kazeem Suarau, gave the advice while receiving an award/commendation letter from the Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation (CESVO).


Suarau said the current economic situation in the country had exacerbated the sufferings of the masses, hence the need for immediate resolution of the deadlock to allow for an acceptable new minimum wage.

“The current delay in the implementation of the minimum wage has negatively impacted on the livelihood of millions of hardworking Nigerians, who struggle daily to make ends meet.

“As prices of essential goods and services continue to rise, the purchasing power of ordinary citizens has dwindled, further deepening poverty and inequality in the country.

“It is crucial to recognise that an adequate minimum wage is not just a matter of economic policy but a fundamental human rights issue.

“It directly impacts the wellbeing and dignity of workers and their families, ensuring they can afford basic necessities and live decent lives.

“Therefore, I urge the government to prioritise and expedite the process of implementing a revised minimum wage that reflects current economic realities.

“This action will not only alleviate the sufferings of the masses but also stimulate economic growth by boosting consumer spending and overall productivity,” Suarau said.

He said that SSANU FUL members would join their non-academic colleagues nationwide to stage a protest on July 9 over the nonpayment of their withheld four months salary.

According to him, we are compelled to announce that protests will be held on all university campuses next Tuesday, July 9.

He said that despite the approval by  President Bola Tinubu for the release of the withheld salaries and assurances to promptly pay, SSANU/NASU members had yet to be paid to date.

“Our National Executive has engaged in multiple discussions with the Ministers of Education and Labour as well as the Senate and House of Representatives Education Committees, to address this pressing issue.

“Regrettably, despite these engagements and assurances, there has been no tangible progress in fulfilling the government’s commitment to remunerate non-teaching members,” he said.

Saurau thanked CESVO for finding him and other executive members of SSANU, FUL branch, worthy of the award and commendation letters.

Earlier, while presenting the award on Suarau, the CESVO Executive Director, Salihu Yakubu, said the center was determined and resolute in its fight against corruption and promotion of transparency and accountability in the country.

Yakubu said that the award and commendation letters were in recognition of the leadership quality of SSANU FUL  and commended the dexterity at which the union’s affairs werr being piloted for the betterment of the members.


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