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Sadly, It Looks Like The 1 Thing I Wanted From That 90s Show Will Never Happen


  • That ’90s Show focuses on Leia Forman and new teenage characters in Point Place, Wisconsin, with occasional cameos from That ’70s Show stars.
  • Despite numerous appearances by original cast members, there has been no full reunion, possibly to avoid overshadowing the new cast.
  • A potential That ’70s Show reunion could happen later if the spinoff remains successful and actors are willing to return.

After watching That ’90s Show season 2, I have to accept that the one thing I was really hoping for in the spinoff is never going to happen. The Netflix series has done a phenomenal job introducing a new crew of teenage characters, and overall, I have enjoyed That ’90s Show immensely. There doesn’t have to be constant references to That ’70s Show for That ’90s Show to be nostalgic since its very formula comes with that bittersweet feeling built right in. Still, it might have been nice if the show had thrown fans of the original series one last bone.

That ’90s Show follows Leia Forman, daughter to Donna and Eric, as she stays with her grandparents in Point Place, Wisconsin, every summer. Set 15 years after the ending of That ’70s Show, the series explores the shenanigans involved with being a teenager in the 1990s, which, as it turns out, isn’t too different than in the 1970s. The theme is that, while times change, teenagers will still be teenagers. While That ’90s Show follows a new gang of basement dwellers, the stars from That ’70s Show have returned for cameos. Still, this hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.


That ’90s Show Cast, Character & Cameo Guide

Here’s a breakdown of the cast, characters, and cameos of That ’90s Show season 1, including the returns of That ’70s Show’s original main teens.

It Doesn’t Look Like That ’70s Show’s Original Gang Will Have A Reunion On That ’90s Show

Despite The Many Cameos, There Has Been No Real Reunion

Popsicles in That 70s Show

Nearly all those who played the original teenagers of That ’70s Show appeared in That ’90s Show season 1, but there was not a single moment in which they were all in the same room at the same time. Topher Grace and Laura Prepon reunited to play now-married couple Eric and Donna, and once they were gone, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher came on screen together to reunite Red and Kitty Forman with Jackie and Kelso. Later, Wilmer Valderrama joined in on several episodes, playing Fez, who briefly reunited with Donna in the circle.

Danny Masterson, the only original member of the That ’70s Show gang not to appear in
That ’90s Show
, is serving a 30-to-life prison sentence.

These were all excellent moments, but they fell just short of being an actual reunion. Leading up to That ’90s Show season 1, many of the original stars teased their involvement with the spinoff series, and I naturally thought this meant that we would see the now grownup gang united once again. While I was let down in the first installment, I held out hope for season 2. However, these episodes have now come and gone, and the only member of the gang to return is Prepon’s Donna. At this point, if a reunion hasn’t happened, I have to accept that it likely never will.


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While That ’90s Show season 1 was full of character cameos from That ’70s Show’s cast, season 2 left out most of those from the original series.

How That ’70s Show’s Reunion Could Still Happen If The Original Actors Return Again

A Reunion At The End Of That ’90s Show Wouldn’t Get In the Way

That 90s Show fez That 70s show cast

The writers at Netflix likely didn’t want an all-out reunion with the original gang of That ’70s Show to overshadow the new That ’90s Show cast, and I admit, this was probably a good decision. Reboots or sequels often struggle to survive longer than a season or two since when the nostalgia wears off, there isn’t enough substance left for the series to stand on its own. That ’90s Show season 2 has been well received, proving that the new cast and character don’t need their predecessors. Reuniting the old gang in the first season might have only been an obstacle.

…a That ’70s Show reunion would be the cherry on top rather than a ploy to win over audiences for a brand-new show.

Of course, if That ’90s Show continues to be successful for several more seasons, there’s no reason the original gang couldn’t have an official reunion sometime leading up to the series finale. By this point, the teens of the spinoff will be well-loved on their own, and a That ’70s Show reunion would be the cherry on top rather than a ploy to win over audiences for a brand-new show. This would depend on the actors’ willingness to return, but it seems I can hold out a sliver of hope. For now, I must content myself with the fresh and fun new characters and stories of That ’90s Show.

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