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Sheldon's Worst Tragedy Would Have Saved The Big Bang Theory From Ending (& Even Make It Better)


  • Jim Parsons’ departure led to
    The Big Bang Theory
    ‘s end, but it could’ve continued with Sheldon’s worst tragedy.
  • Amy turning down Sheldon’s proposal in
    The Big Bang Theory
    season 11 could have kept Parsons on the show.
  • Sheldon’s response to Amy’s rejection would have highlighted his growth and would have made their love story more interesting.

Jim Parsons’ decision to leave The Big Bang Theory spelled its end, but it could have been prevented with Sheldon’s worst tragedy. It has been five years since CBS’ nerd-centric sitcom wrapped up after 12 years. Like Young Sheldon‘s ending, The Big Bang Theory could have run a few more years. CBS was looking to order at least one more season of the hit series, considering its popularity. Unfortunately, its end was spelled by Parsons’ choice to exit the project after more than a decade of playing Sheldon. Instead of continuing without him, the cast just followed his suit.

When The Big Bang Theory premiered in 2007, it was technically an ensemble. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady stuck with this idea during the show’s earliest years with balanced storytelling that gave everyone their due. By the end of The Big Bang Theory, however, it became clear that Sheldon had become its unofficial lead. Considering this, it’s understandable why the remainder of the cast and crew thought it was better to wrap up with Sheldon’s story, although Parsons believed otherwise. Had The Big Bang Theory done Sheldon’s worst tragedy, however, it could have continued running for a bit longer.



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Amy Turning Down Sheldon’s Proposal Would Have Kept Jim Parsons In The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon And Amy Got Engaged In The Big Bang Theory Season 11

When Amy was introduced in The Big Bang Theory season 3, it was immediately clear that Sheldon found his love match regardless of how unorthodox their manner of meeting was. The writers also recognized this, hence why Mayim Bialik was soon promoted to a series regular the next year. Given both their social quirks, developing their love story took a while. But while there was never any doubt that they would be endgame, Amy turning down Sheldon’s proposal in The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere, “The Proposal Proposal” would likely have extended The Big Bang Theory‘s life.

Without the resolution to his and Amy’s love story, Parsons would likely still have been motivated to continue being on TBBT.

Several factors played into Parsons’ decision to leave The Big Bang Theory. One of the biggest elements, however, was his belief that the show had done everything it could with Sheldon. He was right. When the nerd-centric sitcom wrapped up, Sheldon had the most complete storyline. He had a solid group of friends, had fixed his relationship with his family, was married to the love of his life, and achieved his lifelong dream of winning the Nobel Prize. Without the resolution to his and Amy’s love story, Parsons would likely still have been motivated to continue being on TBBT.



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How Amy’s Rejection Would Have Impacted Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory Story

Sheldon’s Growth Could Have Been Highlighted In How He Would Have Handled Amy’s Answer

Sheldon and Amy in Bed Talking and Amy Holding Sheldon's Face in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon struggled with rejection, or any other kind of unsavory emotion, for that matter. He would likely take Amy’s response to his proposal negatively. That said, it would also have given The Big Bang Theory the chance to show just how much he had grown since the last time that they broke up. As previously mentioned, there was no doubt that Amy and Sheldon were going to end up with each other, but this extra hurdle could only make their love story more interesting. It would have taught Sheldon patience and true sacrifice for love — something that Amy always did.

The Big Bang Theory Poster

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory first premiered on CBS in 2007 and became one of its era’s most popular and longest-lasting network sitcoms. Running for 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory focuses on a group of self-proclaimed nerds, Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), Howard (Simon Helberg), and Raj (Kunal Nayyar), who form an unlikely friendship with their new neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco). The series became a ratings giant and took home multiple Emmys. The Big Bang Theory was so successful that it ended up spawning a spinoff titled Young Sheldon, which has also become one of CBS’ most popular sitcoms.

Kaley Cuoco , Johnny Galecki , Jim Parsons , Melissa Rauch , Mayim Bialik , Kunal Nayyar , Simon Helberg

Release Date
September 24, 2007


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