Sneako Criticizes Pokimane for Allegedly “Baiting” Audience with Inappropriate Behavior

Controversial internet personality Nico “Sneako” recently accused Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” of “baiting” her audience into inappropriate behavior. During a Rumble livestream, Sneako reacted to an older video of the Moroccan-Canadian content creator, in which she bent down to grab her pet. Sneako claimed that Pokimane was deliberately using her body to garner attention.

“Bro, Pokimane, there’s one thing that women know and it’s how their body presents to the world at all times. She knows exactly what she is doing,” Sneako asserted. “This is so obvious, that she almost has her thong peaking out of the back of her sweatpants.”

Sneako, who has been permanently banned from YouTube, continued to criticize Pokimane’s actions, suggesting that her behavior was a calculated effort to keep her audience engaged. “And the simps are going to cope doing, ‘Oh, she’s just petting her dog!’ When have I ever done this? Bro, there’s one thing – women are always aware of their appearance. They always know how they are being perceived by the world.”

He further accused the OfflineTV co-founder of intentionally manipulating her viewers. “This is completely intentional and this is what I’m talking about – she is baiting people to edge to her stream for hours and hours, and it works!”

The recent clash between Pokimane and Sneako is the latest episode in a series of online dramas involving prominent streamers. Last month, Herschel “Guy,” also known as “Dr DisRespect,” caused a stir when he admitted to texting a minor using Twitch Whispers. Pokimane commented on the scandal with a single word: “Yuck.”

On June 26, 2024, Sneako responded to Pokimane and fellow streamer Rachell “Valkyrae’s” reactions to the Dr DisRespect controversy by tweeting his thoughts on “Western culture.” He wrote, “Western culture is hilarious. If someone texts a girl 17 years and 11 months old he gets jumped by the whole industry. But if that same girl waits one more month to sell her body on Only Fans she is celebrated by that same industry for being an independent queen. Clown world.”

Pokimane replied to Sneako’s tweet with a now-deleted message, calling him a “c*ck.”

The following day, on June 27, 2024, Sneako collaborated with Kick streamer Ragnesh “N3on,” during which he criticized Pokimane for taking the “moral high ground” in the Dr DisRespect situation. “She has no legs to stand on moral high ground about Dr DisRespect when Twitch is 13+ and her entire chat is just jking off to her. She’s aware. Don’t talk s

The accusations from Sneako have sparked mixed reactions from the online community. Some defend Pokimane, arguing that she should not be blamed for how viewers interpret her actions, while others believe Sneako’s claims highlight a larger issue of content creators manipulating their audiences.

Fans of Pokimane have rallied in her support, emphasizing her long-standing reputation for maintaining professionalism and integrity in her streams. Critics, however, argue that Sneako’s accusations should not be dismissed outright, as they raise important questions about the responsibility of influencers and their impact on viewers.

The clash between Sneako and Pokimane underscores the ongoing tensions and controversies within the streaming community. As influencers continue to navigate their public personas and the scrutiny that comes with them, the debate over accountability and authenticity remains ever-relevant. For now, Pokimane’s fans continue to support her, while the broader community watches closely to see how this latest drama unfolds.

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