Son Sentenced To Death For Kidnapping, Killing Father In Osun

In a shocking case of familial betrayal, Issa Ibrahim and four accomplices have been sentenced to death by an Osun State court for the kidnapping and murder of Issa’s father, Adamu Ibrahim.

The crime, which occurred in 2017, was reportedly motivated by a dispute over birthright.

The convicted individuals include Issa Ibrahim, Jolaanabi Saheed, Bello Ibrahim, Lateef Bello, and Abdulrahmon Soliu. They were found guilty on four counts of conspiracy, murder, and kidnapping.

According to the prosecution, led by Assistant Director Moses Faremi from the Osun State Ministry of Justice, the group abducted the late Ibrahim from his home in Owode-Ede on April 17, 2017.

They initially demanded a ransom of N10m, later reduced to N3m, which was paid in Sagamu, Ogun State.

The victim was held captive at Jolaanabi’s residence in Agbarabiada, Owode-Ede.

But when Adamu recognised his captors after his blindfold slipped, they decided to kill him. In an attempt to cover their crime, they dismembered his body and disposed of the remains in the Osun River.

Justice Kudirat Akano, in her ruling, stated that the prosecution successfully established the defendants’ guilt through witness testimony and evidence, including a damning statement from Issa Ibrahim himself. Issa reportedly confessed to orchestrating the kidnapping due to his father’s refusal to grant him his perceived birthright.

The court sentenced the five convicts to death for murder, 14 years imprisonment for conspiracy, and an additional 14 years for kidnapping, with the prison terms to run concurrently.

Ajibola Saheed, the mother of gang leader Jolaanabi, was discharged and acquitted due to lack of evidence linking her to the crimes.

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