Teni weeps amid heavy downpour in Lagos

Popular Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata, widely known as Teni has expressed her feeling of loneliness during the heavy downpour on Wednesday.


The singer via her Instagram account advised her fans not to fall in love while Lagos was still experiencing heavy downpour which started at midnight.

Teni, in a tearful video, began by asking, “Shey you dey see tears for my eyes? For this life no fall in love o,” highlighting her emotional turmoil.

She explained that her tears stemmed from her unsuccessful attempts to reach her significant other.

“I don dey call my baby, I dey call my baby since when rain dey fall. Rain dey fall for here like this, only me dey this bed,” Teni lamented,

She further expressed, “I don cry cry cry I don cry. Only me, only me dey my bed for where big big heavy rain dey fall.”

She captioned the post “RAIN AND LOVE.”

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