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The Acolyte Showrunner Confirms A Major Kylo Ren Connection In Episode 5


  • The Acolyte showrunner confirms Kylo Ren connection in upcoming episodes.
  • Qimir’s identity as the Stranger may be linked to Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren.
  • Theories suggest Qimir may be the first Knight of Ren.

The Acolyte’s showrunner Leslye Headland confirmed in a recent interview that there will be a Kylo Ren connection in the Star Wars show’s upcoming episodes—but what that is remains a mystery. The Acolyte episode 5 was packed with shocking twists and turns, from the reveal of The Acolyte’s Sith Lord to the many character deaths in episode 5. Now, it seems, the revelation that Qimir is the Sith Lord, officially named the Stranger, will have still more secrets to unveil, having to do with Star Wars fan-favorite character Kylo Ren.

In an interview with Inverse, showrunner Leslye Headland confirmed that The Acolyte will have a Kylo Ren connection, which many had suspected due to the Stranger’s mask. In response to a question about the Kylo Ren themes evident in The Acolyte episode 5, Headland explained:

Ah, wish I could. It is there on purpose, but I can’t tell you why, and I can’t go into what it is. But you shall see.

Although this is quite vague, current theories suggest what this connection could be.


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Is Qimir The Real Founder Of The Knights Of Ren?

Since The Acolyte episode 5, theories have been running wild regarding who the Stranger could really be. There were a number of clues Qimir isn’t the true Sith Lord, most notably his explanation to Master Sol that the Jedi would consider him a Sith (rather than him claiming the identity himself). One of the most prominent theories is that Qimir is really the first Knight of Ren.

This would make a great deal of sense for a number of reasons. For one, Qimir’s mask is so reminiscent of Kylo Ren’s in the Star Wars sequel trilogy that he earned the nickname ‘Smilo Ren’ on social media (nodding toward the creepy teeth on his mask as well). For another, this would also address the inconsistencies between Qimir’s character and a typical Sith.

This twist would also avoid a prequel trilogy retcon, as many viewers have been worried that a Sith during this era would undermine Ki-Adi-Mundi’s assertion in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace that the Sith had been extinct for a millennium. Perhaps even more critically, though, having Qimir be the first Knight of Ren would create continuity between the sequel trilogy and the rest of the Star Wars timeline. Sadly, the sequels are still considered some of Star Wars’ worst movies, so they could certainly use this connection.

Having Qimir be the first Knight of Ren would create continuity between the sequel trilogy and the rest of the
Star Wars

Of course, this is just one possibility, and Headland undoubtedly responded vaguely on purpose. The Acolyte is meant to be a mystery thriller, and it has already proven to prioritize plot twists and surprising the audience. In light of that, the real connection between Qimir and Kylo Ren might not be something that many viewers have so easily guessed. No matter the real connection, though, it will be fascinating to see how The Acolyte bridges the distance between Kylo Ren and Star Wars’ newest villain.

New episodes of The Acolyte release on Tuesdays at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST on Disney+.

Source: Inverse

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