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The Boys Settles DC's Batman Vs. Superman Debate With A Very Clear Winner

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 4, episode 6, “Dirty Business.”


  • The Boys
    season 4 brings the show’s Superman and Batman parodies together, with Homelander and Tek Knight interacting.
  • Homelander is the clear winner of his interaction with Tek Knight, during which he notes that they’re far from equals.
  • Tek Knight’s connection to Homelander leads to his death, highlighting Homelander’s dominance in
    The Boys
    ‘ universe.

The Boys is known for parodying traditional superhero stories, and season 4 indirectly settles DC’s Batman vs. Superman debate with an obvious winner. It’s no secret that The Boys comics draw inspiration from franchises like Marvel and DC, with characters like Homelander and The Deep imagining what popular heroes would look like as villains. Amazon’s adaptation leans into the satirical take on well-known superheroes, and it seems to be ramping it up. The Boys season 4 hilariously parodies Marvel and DC with Vought’s V52 Expo, which references the MCU and DCU in obvious ways.

All 43 Vought movies teased during The Boys’ in-universe event are outlined in a bracketed image that’s strikingly similar to the MCU’s release schedule. The titles are also nods to Marvel and DC films, from The Tek Knight (a play on The Batman) to G-Men: Days Past From the Future (a parody of X-Men: Days of Future Past). Many of the Supes in The Boys also resemble Marvel and DC heroes with their power sets and costumes. And The Boys season 4, episode 6 shows the Amazon series’ Superman and Batman interacting, with a clear winner emerging.


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The Boys Season 4 Picks Superman In The Decades-Old Batman Vs. Superman Debate

Homelander Is More Powerful Than Tek Knight

DC fans have debated whether Superman or Batman is more powerful for decades, and The Boys season 4 sides with Superman. Homelander is clearly the Superman of The Boys’ universe, as his speed, strength, and laser vision all mirror the DC character’s abilities. He also wears a similar suit, and he’s supposed to be a beacon of hope — though the latter is where he diverges from the hero he’s parodying. Meanwhile, Tek Knight is an obvious stand-in for Batman. His wealth, lack of powers, and butler are references to the caped crusader, and Vought’s movie bracket drives the connection home.

The Boys season 4, episode 6 sees Tek Knight and Homelander interacting, as Homelander and The Seven attend one of Tek Knight’s Federalist Society gatherings. Homelander wants to further his and Sister Sage’s plans to infiltrate the White House. However, he makes it clear from the beginning that he views Tek Knight as beneath him. Tek Knight refers to himself and Homelander as “the two top heroes,” a sentiment the latter quickly shuts down. Homelander informs him that they’re “not equals,” then mocks the fact that the other Supe can’t even fly.

It comes down in favor of Superman, as Homelander’s words suggest that both he and Superman are more powerful than Tek Knight and Batman.

With Homelander and Tek Knight parodying Superman and Batman, The Boys season 4 settles the major DC debate in its own universe. It comes down in favor of Superman, as Homelander’s words suggest that both he and Superman are more powerful than Tek Knight and Batman. Homelander also survives “Dirty Business,” while Tek Knight isn’t so fortunate.

Tek Knight’s Connection To Homelander Ultimately Gets Him Killed In The Boys Season 4

The Boys’ Batman Parody Meets An Early End

Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) having a chat in a party with A-Train in The Boys season 4 episode 6
Image via Prime Video

Tek Knight’s conversation with Homelander ends with a clear winner, and The Boys season 4 drives home his inferiority by killing him off at the end of episode 6. When Tek Knight brings Hughie — who’s disguised as Webweaver — to his “Tek Cave,” The Boys are forced to intervene. Starlight and Kimiko arrive to save their friend, and they easily overpower Tek Knight. Without his suit, he is incapable of fighting them. And it’s questionable whether he’d be able to defeat two smarter, stronger Supes, even with better preparation.

Tek Knight is simply a pawn in Homelander’s game, while Homelander is the one wielding all the power in
The Boys
season 4.

Tek Knight doesn’t die at the hands of The Boys, though; he’s killed by his butler, Elijah, after admitting his involvement in Homelander and Sage’s plans. Elijah calls him “entitled” and reveals his resentment before telling The Boys that he’ll “make it look like an accident.” Ultimately, it’s Tek Knight’s connection to Homelander that gets him killed, as Elijah is inspired to kill him after he learns about the coup. Tek Knight is simply a pawn in Homelander’s game, while Homelander is the one wielding all the power in The Boys season 4.

But Wait, Tek Knight Didn’t Have Prep Time…

He Knew His Party Had Been Infiltrated After Unmasking Hughie

The Boys season 4 episode 6-16
Image via Prime Video

One might argue that Tek Knight is defeated because he is taken by surprise, and thus, doesn’t have any time to prepare. However, this isn’t technically true. Tek Knight realizes his party has been infiltrated as soon as he unmasks Hughie. A smarter Supe would expect reinforcements, but Tek Knight wastes time tormenting Hughie rather than preparing to defend himself. This is why he’s so easily overtaken by Starlight and Kimiko, and it’s why he’s unable to defend himself against his butler’s attacks. The Boys season 4 proves Tek Knight isn’t an intimidating presence, especially compared to someone like Homelander.

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