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The DCU Can Answer The Superman vs Homelander Debate Sooner Than You'd Think


  • New DCU is set to introduce members of The Authority, setting up a Superman vs Homelander-level battle with Wildstorm’s Apollo.
  • Mariana Gabriela De Faría to play Angela Spica (The Engineer) in Superman, beginning the connections to The Authority.
  • The Authority’s eventual DCU debut may lead to exciting encounters between Apollo/Midnighter and Superman/Batman.

The new DCU might be able to answer the Superman vs. Homelander debate sooner than you think. The leading antagonist of Amazon’s The Boys, Homelander is the leader of the corporate-run superhero team known as The Seven. That said, the universe of The Boys and the majority of its “supes” are incredibly corrupt, and none more than the seemingly patriotic Man of Steel-esque Homelander, bearing many of the same powers as DC’s Superman as a poignant parody of the Last Son of Krypton.

Coming from new DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran, a new DC Universe is on the way. Set to kick off with the animated series Creature Commandos, the DCU will truly begin in earnest with its first live-action movie with 2025’s Superman starring David Corenswet as the titular Man of Steel. However, supporting characters in Superman itself and upcoming DCU projects tease that Kal-El may soon come to blows with DC’s very own Homelander in the near future.


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The Authority’s DCU Introduction Sets Up A Superman Vs Homelander Level Battle

Apollo vs Superman Will Likely Happen Sometime Soon

It’s been reported that actress María Gabriela De Faría is set to play Angela Spica aka The Engineer In Superman. This is notable as Spica is a member of the morally ambiguous team known as The Authority. Originally hailing from their own universe and imprint under DC Comics known as WildStorm, the members of The Authority and more characters were gradually incorporated into the main DC Universe in recent years. Now, it seems the on-screen DCU will be doing the same, beginning with the Engineer’s unknown role in Superman before DC Studios’ upcoming The Authority movie that’s currently in development.

To that end, Superman’s upcoming ties with members of The Authority in the DCU means a confrontation between himself and Apollo is likely in the works. A core member of The Authority, Apollo carries many of the same powers and abilities as Superman/Homelander, though they’re more closely tied with the sun as he can be gradually drained over time much faster than Kal-El. Regardless, Apollo has a much dark and morally compromised past, and The Authority itself was formed as a team of independent heroes that could operate beyond the restrictions of any government and political agenda.

To that end, Apollo would provide the sort of Superman/Homelander-level battle fans have been looking for. While not nearly as corrupt as Homelander and The Seven, Apollo and his team are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals to protect and better the world. However, Apollo isn’t the only hero on The Authority with a more classic and original DC counterpart.

The Authority’s DCU Debut Also Brings Batman’s R-Rated Parody Into The Same Universe As The DC Hero

Will Midnighter Meet The Dark Knight?

Midnighter from The Authority

The Authority’s upcoming debut in the DCU also means that there’s a high likelihood that Midnighter will be coming to live-action as well. The eventual husband of Apollo, Midnighter is an extremely aggressive hero, though one who does share his similarities to DC’s Dark Knight as a parody of Batman. A tactical genius with implants to enhance his senses and physical abilities, Midnighter definitely looks and acts like the Caped Crusader without the bat motif with a love of violence thrown in for good measure. He also wields an array of weaponry such as a nightstick and throwing stars.

Just like with Apollo and Superman, one can imagine a Midnighter/Batman showdown that would be quite impressive given their similarities. Also, the DCU intends to introduce a new Batman in the upcoming Brave and the Bold movie, one that’s connected to this greater universe in the works. To that end, a Batman vs. Midnighter battle could be right around the corner.

The DCU Can’t Ignore Batman & The Man Of Steel Existing In The Same Universe As Their Parody Characters

Apollo and Midnighter Will Have To Encounter Superman and Batman

Midnighter and Apollo Authority

Despite being quasi-parodies of DC’s two biggest heroes, it’s worth mentioning that Apollo and Midnighter also possess distinctive qualities that make them worthy of debuting in the DCU alongside their more classic counterparts. Likewise, it also means that DC Studios can’t ignore the fact that all four heroes will apparently exist in the same on-screen universe. Some kind of encounter will need to happen at some point, and it should be very exciting when it does happen in the new universe. The added bonus is the opportunity for the DCU to essentially provide a Superman/Homelander-level battle at the same time.

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