Twitch Almost Bans Kai Cenat Over Staged Fireworks Prank

In an audacious attempt to prank his viewers, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat set up a fake streaming room to simulate a fireworks explosion. However, the elaborate hoax nearly resulted in a ban from Twitch, highlighting the platform’s strict guidelines on dangerous content.

Kai Cenat is no stranger to wild and chaotic streams, but this fireworks stunt took things to a whole new level. The setup was designed to resemble his usual streaming environment, with just enough differences to convince his audience that something had gone terribly wrong. The stunt was so convincing that it initially led viewers to believe that Cenat’s room had indeed been blown up by fireworks.

Kai Cenat later revealed that Twitch was not informed of the prank beforehand, leading to a near-ban situation. He explained, “They told us ASAP, we can get banned for blowing it up. We didn’t know this whole time.” This revelation came after the stream’s video-on-demand (VOD) was removed from Twitch, with Cenat scrambling to prove to his Twitch representatives that the entire event was staged. He had to provide detailed evidence, including footage of the set, to avoid suspension.

The primary concern for Twitch was the potential endangerment of Cenat’s life and the lives of those involved. Twitch’s community guidelines strictly prohibit any activity that could lead to physical harm, regardless of intent. The guidelines state: “We also prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior. We do not make exceptions for self-destructive behavior performed as a stunt or gag made in jest, or meant to entertain when the behavior could reasonably be expected to cause physical injury to anyone on our service.”

To clear up any confusion and prove the safety of the stunt, Kai Cenat released a video featuring him and YouTube star MrBeast on the set. The video showed that the fireworks display took place in a wide-open field, with the stream room recreated as a scale replica. Cenat and his team were safely tucked away in a bunker during the explosion, ensuring no one was at risk.

The collaboration between Cenat and MrBeast was highly anticipated by fans, and the July 4th stream did not disappoint in terms of entertainment value. The fireworks stunt began with fellow content creator Davis accidentally setting off a wall of over 100 fireworks, causing the room to appear as though it had caught fire. Cenat’s dramatic reaction and subsequent declaration on social media that he was “done with all this sh**” added

However, some astute viewers quickly suspected the room was a set, pointing out inconsistencies. These suspicions were confirmed when MrBeast shared behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok, showcasing the elaborate setup. The video revealed that the stream took place in the middle of a field, with a tunnel leading into the meticulously recreated room.

MrBeast explained the concept, stating, “We recreated his room in a field so he can have a firework war and start launching stuff. And when it inevitably burns down, we’ll prank you guys.” He jokingly added that if the prank went awry, Cenat would “assume all responsibility,” though it was clear the Twitch streamer was not entirely on board with this notion.

Ultimately, the prank was a viral success, drawing significant attention and engagement. Despite the close call with Twitch, Cenat’s daring stunt exemplifies the lengths to which content creators are willing to go to entertain their audiences.

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