UNN female student found dead with her vital organs missing

A first year student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, was found dead with some vital parts missing. (TNG) learnt that the late medical student went missing on Tuesday after attending her chemistry practical, but was later found, inside a gutter beside the stadium, located inside the campus, close to Eni Njoku Hostel, occupied by male students on Friday.

It was alleged that the corpse of the first year student of the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences of the university, identified as Favour, was covered by flood debris, implying that the student might have been washed away by flood.

“She was found dead on Friday,” according to a business owner inside the stadium. “The corpse was already decomposing. Her remains were evacuated to the UNN Medical Centre in the morning.”

However, a student of the Faculty of Physical Science of the university, who identified himself as Paul, said, “She must have been killed by Yahoo Boys who are rampaging Nsukka now. They are exploiting our female students at Nsukka because these boys have too much money. They might have killed her, and used the gutter to cover their nefarious act. Our female students should learn that these boys driving exotic vehicles are looking for them for money rituals.”

A pastor, James Itodo, said, “This is the end time we are talking about. This first year student might have fallen the victim of these boys who make money at all cost. I wouldn’t know what killed her, but where her corpse was found doesn’t convince me that flood caused her death. Her killers might have dumped her there as a cover-up.”

The university is still yet to make an official statement on the dead as at the filing of this report.

However, the university security department have confirmed that some vital parts of the deceased were removed.

A security staff member of the university, on condition of anonymity, said, “Some vital parts of her body were cut off. So the corpse might have been kept in the gutter before the rainfall that flooded the corpse. But from every indication, her death won’t be unconnected with ritual killers.”

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