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Who Plays Laddio In The Boys Season 4


  • Season 4 of
    The Boys
    introduces Laddio from the comic books, exploring the dark side of superheroes.
  • Laddio is played by Reid Millar, an actor with limited credits in the industry.
  • Laddio’s introduction expands the series’ lore and signals an exciting future for
    The Boys

The Boys season 4 has recently introduced Laddio another one of the characters from the original comic book source material, and audiences are wondering who plays him. Putting a gritty twist on superhero stories, Amazon Prime’s The Boys brings compelling characters to life by honoring the original series’ commitment to considering the dark implications of some having powers among ordinary people. While the show has already featured characters from the comic books like Hughie Campbell, Billy Butcher, and Homelander, Laddio has only just graced the screen in The Boys’ season 4 story.

With The Boys season 4 breaking viewership records, Amazon’s popular series explores a world in which people born with superhuman powers take on a celebrity status. Viewers soon see that some Supes hold more authority than others, as icons like Homelander dominate and characters like Mesmer reap mediocre awards from their abilities. Compared to the Supes team known as “The Seven,” the sidekick Laddio holds little influence in the comic books, and his recent television debut digs into his limited position.


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Reid Millar Plays Laddio in Season 4

This Role is One of the Biggest Yet For The Actor

Dressed in full costume, Reid Millar holds up his hands as Laddio in The Boys

Before watching the fictional character, viewers can get a glimpse of the actor behind the gimp mask. Laddio is played by Reid Millar, who has previously performed in short films like The Roots of Men and a Dying Man Named Steve in 2016. Despite his lack of public projects since then, the actor has managed to land a role in one of this decade’s most popular shows, so he must have given an excellent audition. Being cast by a leading streaming service like Amazon expands Reid Millar’s future opportunities, however, so it’s entirely possible audiences will see more of him soon.

Who Is Laddio In The Boys?

The Show Gives Tek Knight’s Assistant a Troublesome Transformation

Elijah kills Tek Knight in The Boys while Laddio waves.

As a parody of Batman’s right-hand man Robin, Laddio embodies the trope of the endlessly loyal sidekick so often presented in comic books. The television rendition of Laddio brings his subordination to another level in The Boys season 4, episode 6, when the sidekick is found chained in a basement as Tek Knight’s slave. Although the comic books hinted at a brief sexual attraction between the two, Tek Knight’s entrapment of Laddio exposes the toxicity of erotic power imbalances. In fact, Laddio is so suppressed that viewers can only identify the character from a single line of dialogue that calls out his name.

The Boys has recreated many of the personas from its source material, and the new depiction of Laddio demonstrates the show’s success at injecting dismal and depraved themes into the genre. With both the actor himself and the character being new to many viewers, Laddio’s introduction is a chance to expand the story’s lore. Laddio’s sidekick debut signals an exciting future for the series as it continues to imagine superheroes in today’s unjust reality.

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