Why I faked my death – Lady who confessed to sleeping with dogs opens up

Adenike Adewodun, a woman who claimed to have had sex with dogs on Talk on B, a podcast hosted by Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo, have disclosed the reason she faked her own death. reports that Adewodun was arrested for conspiracy and attempted obtaining by false pretense.

Recall, Adewodun went viral after admitting to engaging in sexual activities with her dogs.

The lady while featuring in a podcast episode hosted by Adebayo, recounted how her past trauma, detailing various instances of molestation resulted to an unhealthy addiction.

Hours after the interview, Biola said in an Instagram post that she got word from a friend of Adewodun that she had taken her own life.

However, on Thursday, Biola revealed in a statement shared on social media that she found out Adewodun faked her death which led to her arrest.

Speaking thereafter, Adewodun said, she faked her death even though her face was covered, because some people recognised her and she panicked and thought that if news came out that she had died, actress Biola Bayo would remove whatever she had uploaded on social media.

Adewodun has since been released.

Undeterred by Adewodun’s action, actress Adebayo have stated that t she would still go ahead with helping her get help so that she can live a normal life again.

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