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Why Ridley Scott's New Western Movie Has Been Scrapped Explained By Longtime Collaborator


  • Ridley Scott’s Western film,
    , has been canceled, due to its snowy setting.
  • Filming restrictions due to climate concerns have hindered production plans.
  • Costumes designer Janty Yates hopes for the film’s eventual development.

Ridley Scott‘s next Western won’t be coming to theaters anytime soon, because production has officially been canceled. As the director of Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982), Gladiator (2000), and Hannibal (2001), Scott is known as a prestigious filmmaker with considerable creative control. Ridley Scott’s best movies vary wildly with different genres and themes, including science-fiction, comedy, noir, and drama. He has multiple movies in development, but his planned Western, Freewalkers, will not be moving forward.

In an interview with Awardsdaily, costume designer and longtime Scott collaborator, Janty Yates, explained that the movie is no longer in development. Because it is a Western set in a snowy environment, there are only some particular times that they can film. They would have begun filming in the summer, so they were forced to stop any production plans. Yates still hopes to see the movie eventually reach development. Check out her quote below:

It’s a film that’s not going to happen because it’s set in the snow, and it’s called
. Basically, the snow went. By the time we prepped it,
we would have been shooting in mid-summer
. I don’t know what will happen. We shall see. I would love if it would happen because it’s such a gorgeous script.

Will Freewalkers Ever Be Made?

Ridley Scott Does Not Have Much Space In His Schedule

Because of scheduling issues and production needs, Freewalkers will need to wait until winter before it can be a reality. Unfortunately, there is something else that is likely holding it back: Ridley Scott’s schedule. Scott is currently working on movies in various stages of production. Gladiator II is in post-production with an expected release date of November 22, and Scott is undoubtedly involved in the editing and VFX process. Similarly, Queen & Country is currently in development, though it does not have a set release date.

Scott is also involved in several pre-production projects, both as a director and a producer. He is expected to direct a Bee Gees biopic and to lead the 10-episode World War II epic Roads to Freedom. As a producer, he is tied to multiple Alien movies, including Alien: Romulus, and multiple post-production TV shows. He will even direct an episode of one of those shows, Sinking Spring. He will also produce Emma’s War, which stars an aid worker in Sudan. With so many movies and shows in development for Scott, finding time for Freewalkers could be a challenge.


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In order to schedule the Western, Scott will need to work during a single season to ensure good weather between all of his movies and shows. He will also likely need to complete casting, refine the story, and set aside his other projects in the meantime. Producing will not take quite as much time as his directorial obligations, but a TV show will take considerably more time, and he will be heavily involved in Roads to Freedom. As much as Yates would love to see Ridley Scott‘s Freewalkers produced, it will take immense effort on Scott’s part.

Source: Awardsdaily

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