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Why Sydney Doesnt Tell Carmy About Her Job Offer In The Bear Season 3

WARNING: SPOILERS ahead for The Bear season 3.


  • The Bear season 3 ends with new guest appearances, leaving key storylines unresolved and feeling flat.
  • Critics and audiences are divided on season 3, with a significant gap between critic and audience scores.
  • Sydney contemplates leaving Carmy’s restaurant for a new opportunity, but doesn’t reveal her plans.

One of the biggest mysteries left unanswered in The Bear season 3 was what Sydney’s next move was going to be after getting an exciting new opportunity. The Bear season 3 interestingly ends with the introduction of new guest appearances, many of whom are real-life world-renowned chefs such as Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz, without tying up several of the key storylines. Compared to previous seasons, The Bear season 3 lacked as much plot and character development, which made The Bear season 3’s finale feel somewhat flat.

Audiences and critics have been divided on The Bear season 3, which earned a Certified Fresh critic score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes but only generated a 58% audience score, the lowest of the series by a wide margin. Despite adding some new great cameos in The Bear season 3, the series left some viewers disappointed by the apparent amount of “filler” content that didn’t necessarily progress the action or raise many stakes. Based on how the show left off with Sydney, she could no longer be a part of Carmy’s restaurant come season 4.


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Sydney Thought Carmy Would Finally Prioritize Her After The Bear Season 3, Episode 9

Carmy made it clear that he wanted to improve how he treated her and the crew

Sydney had a golden opportunity to come clean to Carmy about the offer that Carmy’s former colleague Adam Shapiro had made her. Shapiro, who was working at Andrea Terry’s (Olivia Colman) world-class Chicago-based restaurant Ever before it closed its doors in the season 3 finale, approached Sydney to recruit her as his business partner and co-head chef of his new restaurant. Throughout the season, Sydney internally debates whether she should go with Adam or stick it out with Carmy.

Towards the end of The Bear season 3, episode 9 “Apologies”, Carmy tells Sydney that he wants to be better about how he treats her and the rest of the staff at The Bear. Ironically, Carmy said the right thing at exactly the right time because Sydney was about to bring up the idea of her working for Shapiro and leaving Carmy and The Bear behind. Ultimately, Sydney didn’t tell him but was likely still considering backing out to join Adam, knowing it would freak out Carmy.


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Will Sydney Actually Leave In The Bear Season 4?

Sydney may want to do what’s ultimately best for her career

Carmy (Jeremy Allen White), with his hands on his hips, and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), with her arms crossed, look in the same direction in The Bear.

Sydney has been loyal to The Bear ever since she joined Carmy at The Beef in the series premiere. It wouldn’t be the same restaurant or television series if Sydney was no longer in the picture, although it would be worthwhile to see what Sydney can do with more freedom and less pressure. It was evident that she and Carmy had conflicting ideas of The Bear’s menu, which may inspire Sydney to do what’s best for her. Her panic attack in the final moments of The Bear season 3 implies that she may be afraid to abandon Carmy but knows she will regret it if she stays.


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