“You gave credit to Peruzzi in 2020 as a songwriter” – Daniel Regha calls out Burna Boy for his lies, shares proof

Twitter critic and personality Daniel Regha has called out award-winning singer Burna Boy after he issued a public service announcement, informing Nigerians that he doesn’t use songwriters.

It has become common for most artists to use songwriters while working on their songs, but for Burna Boy, it is different. He stated that any name people see credited on his songs are only producers of the songs or featured artists, not writers. Calling himself an Odogwu, Burna made it known that nobody writes for him.

Countering him, Daniel Regha shared a 2029 tweet of Burna Boy admitting that he had needed help and had called in Peruzzi. He tweeted, “For the record, I have never had any help writing any song ever. Except one time and that was with Peruzzi”.

Reminding him of his tweet, Daniel noted how Burna Boy was saying otherwise now. He made the singer know that no one can get songwriting credit unless they co-wrote or contributed to writing a song; as such, his statement isn’t valid.

“Burna, this was u in 2020 giving credit to Peruzzi as a songwriter, but suddenly nobody writes for u? For the record, no one gets songwriting credit unless they co-wrote or contributed to writing the song, so you’re statement isn’t valid”.

Daniel Regha slams Burna Boy for saying he doesn't use songwriters

This isn’t the first time Daniel Regha has countered Burna Boy. Some weeks back, he had slammed Burna over his unending bragging as he noted how his entire net worth is some people’s shopping money. He reminded the singer of his come-up story as he admonished him to be a positive change to the public through his voice, songs, and lifestyle.

Daniel Regha had also slammed Burna Boy after he heavily shaded Davido. He stated that Davido was a much bigger artist than Burna and that because Burna has won more international awards, it did not change that fact. Daniel Regha stated that the Grammy was practically worthless nowadays and was now literally based on connections. He further disclosed that Diddy had helped Burna Boy with the Grammy.

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