The Simpsons submarine episode with Titanic reference points at missing vessel prediction

The rescue operations to find the missing submarine that was meant to tour the Titanic wreckage has entered day 4 and The Simpsons fans are convinced one of its episodes predicted the unfortunate event.

Five people – four passengers and a pilot – were aboard OceanGate’s submersible, which was traveling to the Titanic wreck site resting 13,000 feet below the sea when the contact was lost.

As the lives in the vessel depend on the oxygen supply which is only expected to last until Thursday morning, people are praying for their safety.

And some Internet users are taken aback by the striking resemblance the real incident holds with an episode of The Simpsons.

Photo by Ocean Gate / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Fans think The Simpsons predicted the missing submarine

You can find clips from The Simpson’s episode titled Homer’s Paternity Coot, making the rounds on different social media platforms as fans are busy drawing comparisons with the Titanic-bound submarine that’s missing.

The tenth episode of Season 17 aired in January 2006 and it navigates Homer’s relationship with his father Abe and his mother’s former lover, Mason.

In the episode, Homer is determined to find out who his biological father is, after one letter addressed to his mother by “M” reveals Mason could be the father of her child.

Homer takes the trip to the bottom of the sea with Maosn much later in the episode and this specific bit is being compared to OceanGate’s vessel going missing.

The supposed Titanic reference catches attention

When Mason is giving the Simpsons a tour of his house and ship, The Son I Never Knew, Homer decides to tell the former that he thinks he’s his father.

Mason couldn’t be more delighted and takes Homer and the rest of the family on his ship. The father-and-son duo later dive into the sea in the quest for the lost emerald treasure, when Homer gets separated from Mason in the deep waters.

However, for a brief moment, Mason and Homer are caught staring at the wreckage of a ship, which looks eerily similar to the remains of the Titanic which sank after crashing into an iceberg.

Homer screams out for help, but the damage caused by the coral to his submarine results in the oxygen alarm going off. He starts to panic and blanks out from the lack of oxygen before Mason could get to him.

He wakes up to find himself in the hospital, after being in a coma for three days, surrounded by his family and his biological father by his side.

Following the US Coast Guard’s estimation about the oxygen supply, which is expected to last till 5-6 AM, Thursday, June 22, The Simpsons fans think the show had predicted the fate of the Titanic submarine years ago.

Social media is filled with shocking reactions

Fans are convinced The Simpsons’ creators foresaw the incident involving the submarine in 2023, years ago.

“No way the Simpsons predicted the titanic Submarine situation,” wrote one, sharing the screenshots of the episode featuring submarines.

“Crazy how the Simpsons already predicted the missing submarine,” added another.

A third one wrote: “Ain’t no way the Simpsons predicted the submarine incident They keep doing it”

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